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Meet Our New AI Assistant Module - Fast and Accurate Responses

Dear Customers,

At Sosyohost Bilişim, we are committed to enhancing customer satisfaction and improving our service quality. To this end, we have added a new AI Assistant module to our website. With this module, you will receive fast and accurate responses to your support requests.

Features of the AI Assistant Module:

Fast and Accurate Responses: The AI Assistant provides instant and accurate answers to your support requests, offering quick solutions to your problems. It is key to increasing customer satisfaction and reducing response times.

24/7 Support: The AI Assistant ensures uninterrupted service by quickly responding to your support requests at any time of the day, every day of the week.

Knowledge Base: It searches the extensive knowledge base on your behalf and presents the necessary information in an understandable manner. This allows you to receive detailed and in-depth answers to even the most complex questions.

Automatic Ticket Response: The AI Assistant generates automatic responses to customer support tickets based on predefined conditions, instantly resolving customer issues and increasing the efficiency of your support team.

Clear Feedback: While responding to support requests, the AI Assistant presents complex information in a clear and traceable manner.

With this new AI Assistant module, you can now manage your support requests much more quickly and efficiently. We are constantly working to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and aim to provide you with the best service through this new module.